What is virtual reality gaming?

OSTRON | January 4th, 2017

  Virtual reality gaming is where a person can experience being in a three-dimensional environment and interact with that environment during a game. This is an essential part of the game.

One way of detecting a person’s presence in a game is bio-sensing. These are small sensors which are attached to a data glove, suit or even the body and record movements made by that person in a 3D space. Those movements are interpreted by a computer an

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Empowering Future Leader with VR: In association with ISM (Dhanbad) and member of Optical Society of America (OSA)

OSTRON | December 3rd, 2016

Imagine, instead of pens and paper, students are sitting with specially adapted VR headsets that drop them into a fascinating, immersive, educational experience that allowed them to interact naturally using natural hand gestures. At Kendriya Vidhyalaya , Dhanbad, a groundbreaking experiment took place. Instead of pens and paper, students sat down with specially adapted VR  (Ostron VR Card Board ) that dropped

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Ostron VR at Innovision 2k16 – D Y Patil College

OSTRON | December 2nd, 2016

Annual fest of any college is the most awaited event for the students. Not only the students of college organising the events, but also students  of other colleges wait for such an event to participate and showcase their talent and get to learn from fellow mates.

Ostron team had an amazing time at this year Annual fest Innovision 2k16 at D Y Patil college in Mumbai.

Here are some Images of Winners w

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FREE DEMO TICKET : Ostron VR Headset (OVR3.0) with O-stick Controller

OSTRON | September 6th, 2016

Grab Free Tickets & Experience Virtual Reality by Ostron VR headset (OVR3.0) and A Stick based controller, is a combination of simple and innovative way of interacting with virtual reality content which aims to seamlessly blend between real and virtual world by providing users with a simple & familiar stick like device and comfortable head ge

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VR fruit Ninja Game Using O-stick : Slice Fruits using O-stick

OSTRON | August 23rd, 2016

Ostron Going to Launch A Real time , More immersive VR fruit Ninja game With Worlds First Stick based controller coming soon...................................

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