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As the name suggests, mobile app development is a term used for developing all kinds of mobile apps and services. Some of these applications can be pre-installed which could have been added during the manufacture of the phones and some they can be taken from the web browser as client side scripts or the server side scripts so that the users get the application type experience within the web browsers. Application development has a number of factors that should be taken care of such as the screen size. Applications have to run on many different devices of different screen sizes, therefore, they should be made accordingly. Also, the applications should be hardware specified and all the configurations should be accurate so that the application can match the vast competition over the internet. With so many apps on the internet, it may seem easy to a lay man to design apps. The reality is that making of even the simplest mobile apps such as flappy bird is not an easy task. Suppose we have to make an application for some business, then we need to think about the pain points of the business first. You have to take care of the things that should e included in the applications and the queries that can be asked by the customers or the users. You have to first understand the needs of the customers and start from the most significant need to work well.

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