About Ostron
Virtual reality offers us to experience impossible or improbable things make it believe to be real or true. It generates a virtual environment, presented to our senses in such a way as if we were really there, which adds more thrill to our entertainment. Immersive films are best examples. Not only movies, virtual reality in India is trending down in various other sectors too such as real estate, hardware, marketing and gaming etc. There are many VR companies in India offering virtual reality systems. They all share the same characteristics to view three-dimensional images. The problems arise when there is a delay between the person’s actions and system response which then disrupts their experience. The person becomes self – conscious that they are in an artificial environment. So, here we are with the aim to provide you a natural, free – flowing form of interaction which will result in memorable experience. Ostron is a VR manufacturing company in India a segment of Ostron electronics which dispenses services in virtual reality. Ostron electronics private limited came into existence in 2015 in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Our company is specialized in research and development and is the leading manufacturers & dealers in Led lighting, VR Cardboard, Google Cardboard and virtual reality headset in India. Also, equipped with 3D games for VR glasses and 3D movies for VR headset. We us the best technology to design, develop and build solutions that meet our customer specifications. Our technical team works consistently to ensure that you get optimum features and performance.  Every product we manufacture meet our quality standards, we do not compromise with our standards at any cost. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal, we are determined to provide services at best price and convenience to our customers, and it’s really an honor to have happy and satisfied customers, because satisfaction is what actually makes the difference.
Ostron pursues concept of “Derived from light, access to intelligence “, we have set up milestone in the area of led lights through our innovation led luminaries which is quite reliable and have high quality standards which meets customer specification. The new generation led lights saves energy of more than 75% and is less energy consumable as compared to traditional incandescent and compact fluorescent. It is also environmental friendly as helps in reducing carbon emission. Now, we are looking forward to cater our best services in the field of virtual reality too.
At “Ostron Electronics “, our mission is to develop innovative VR accessories and IT solutions that exceed customer expectations and serve as a hallmark of quality.
Ostron electronics managed by an experienced team. The team is responsible for the rapid growth and development of our company. Under the guidance of our management we have completed a number of projects successfully. Our team is goal oriented and futuristic in its approach. “Ostron Electronics “focused on developing new and more efficient technologies to help our customers. We always try to be more focused and connected with our customer base. It is due to this approach company has always excelled in achieving its goals.
Project Division
We have an in-house design and manufacturing unit that specializes in all kinds for VR products, LED lightening and medical research equipment etc. We constantly strive to provide satisfactory services in segments such as,
  • LED Lightening
  • Virtual Reality
  • IT Solutions
  • Advance Medical Equipment Research
Our support includes everything from delivering and maintenance of all services.
Ostron Electronics are the trusted manufacturer and supplier of LED lightening and VR products in India. Its wide range of products includes VR glasses, VR headset, VR cardboard, Google cardboard etc. We also include 3D games for VR glasses and 3D movies for VR headset. We also deal in IT solutions and advance medical research equipment. Our products are of the highest quality and are of the best brands.
Latest Innovation
We are always inclined towards providing with the robust technology and best features to the consumer end. We have come up with the Ostron 3D cardboard the virtual reality (VR) platform advanced by the Ostron for use with a fold-out cardboard mount for smart phones in order to have a perfect 3D view. Cardboard is a fun, inexpensive way to turn nearly with any Android phone or iPhone into a virtual reality viewer, allowing nearly anyone to get on to the fun. Ostron is doing the best every day to cater with the best product and services to the customers who are equipped with robust technology and environment agreeable. Ostron cardboard is virtual reality headset inspired by Google cardboard, features which make ostron cardboard more versatile than any other cardboard includes,
Durability: It comprises best VR headset and is made up of imported laminated paper which makes it more durable than any other 3D cardboard.
Water Resistant: The high quality laminated paper is covered with plastic sheath which make it water and dust resistant.
Comfy Nose Cushion: Due to sharp edge of the Google cardboard users face difficulty while using it. Considering the drawback, we have designed a 3D cardboard with new look and sophisticated design.
Customer Satisfaction
We have been growing consistently expanding our lines of products and service, and keep ourselves abreast of the latest technologies. Ostron constantly strive to adapt to newer technologies to bring about rapid improvements in the efficiency, responsiveness, and flexibility of our customer experiences with the service. You can visit to our blogs for the latest updates in virtual reality and concerning areas. We also provide FAQ support, here you can inquire about any of your queries regarding the product, or you can also visit to our website www.ostron.in, you will be provided with the satisfactory answer of your queries within 24 hrs. Since our establishment, we have remained faithful to our goal of complete customer satisfaction through outstanding technology, sophisticated design and superior services.